Total and Permanent Disability Due to a Sickness Rider

A person is considered to be “totally and permanently disabled” only if , the assured has become to totally and irreversibly disabled as a result of any sickness and not as a result of an accident. The life assured must be totally incapable of being employed or engaged in any work or any occupation whatsoever for remuneration or profit.

  1. Total Permanent Disability Benefit will be payable from the date of confirmation of the disability of such nature by a medical practitioner.
  2. The above disability must have lasted without interruption for at least 120 consecutive days and must be deemed permanent by an appropriate medical practitioner appointed by the company.
  3. The benefit becomes due if the life assured becomes totally and permanently disabled due any sickness and as a result, not able to earn income from any work, occupation or profession for the rest of his / her life.
  4. Total and permanent disability includes.
    • The irrecoverable loss of entire sight of both eyes or
    • Amputation of both hand at or above the wrists or
    • Amputation of both feet at or above the ankles or
    • Amputation of one hand at or above the wrist and foot at or above the ankle.


Minimum Rider Sum Assured                  : LKR 50,000

Maximum Rider Sum Assured                 : Death Benefit Sum Assured under base plan or LKR 1,000,000 (whichever is lower)

Minimum Age at Entry                           : 18 years (Last Birthday)

Maximum Age at Entry                          : 65 years (Last Birthday)

Maximum Age at Maturity                      : 70 years (Last Birthday)

Policy Term                                          : 5 to 20 years

Premium payment Term                        : Equal to Policy Term

Premium Paying Term                           : Mly Qly Hly Yly


Waiting Period                                      : 180 Days