Your dreams and aspirations deserve something more than a traditional investment plan.

LIC SHAKTHI is a combination of investment and protection which will make your dreams a reality.

This is a single-premium non-linked, non-participating saving-cum-protection plan with a fixed term of six years.




Survival Benefit:

Sum Assured with guaranteed additions are payable at the end of the policy term.


Death Benefit:

Two times of the sum assured plus accrued guaranteed addition.


Guaranteed additions:

Guaranteed addition of 8% per annum (80 per thousand sums assured) to the sum assured even in this falling interest.



  • Minimum age at entry - 18
  • Maximum age at entry – 60
  • Policy Term: 6 years
  • Minimum Sum Assured: 150,000
  • Premium Paying Term: Single Premium.

LIC SHAKTHI – Ultimate strength of the family


Shakthi No. 1

A powerful tool of financial provision for higher education abroad for students in the age of 18 and above.

Shakthi No. 2

Provision of the secured guaranteed amount at the time of retirement fr employees above age 45

Shakthi No. 3

Beautiful marriage gift for dear son/daughter

Shakthi No. 4

Family becomes powerful having LIC Shakthi in the name of Father, Mother, Son and Daughter

Shakthi No. 5

Guaranteed 8% addition for any amount of foreign remittance

Shakthi No. 6

Assignable in case of Housing loan from Bank

Shakthi No. 7

A better form of FD with a higher return having double the sum assured death cover