LIC HIRU – Investment Plan with 18% P.A. with Life Cover


LIC HIRU – Investment Plan

LIC HIRU – Investment Plan


HIRU is a non-linked, non-participating Single Premium Plan. This provides a Return of Premium with simple interest up to 18% per annum as maturity payout on survival to the end of the policy term.


Maturity Benefit:

For 3 years Term:  Single Premium + Simple Interest @ 16.5% per year on Premium.

For 5 Years Term:  Single Premium + Simple Interest @ 18.0% per year on Premium.

Death Benefit

First 3 years:  160% of Single Premium Paid

After 3 Years:  200% of Single Premium Paid (For 5 years term)

Eligibility Conditions

Minimum Age at Entry:  15 Years

Maximum Age at Entry:  55 Years

Policy Term:  3 and 5 Years

Minimum Single Premium:  250,000/-


Modes of Premium Payment:  Single Premium