Endowment Plan

endowmentplanLIC (Lanka) Ltd. brings you the "Endowment Life Insurance Policy" to make your beautiful life, secure too. The policy provides an avenue for saving small sums now for a big sum at the old age and also provides for the family the much-needed financial support in the event of unfortunate early death.


                      • minimum age at entry: 18 years (age nearer birthday)
                      • maximum age at entry: 65 years (age nearer birthday)
                      • maximum age at maturity: 70 years (age nearer birthday)
                      • minimum sum assured: Rs.50, 000
                      • mode of premium payment: yearly, half yearly, quarterly, monthly and salary Saving scheme


The accident benefits as specified will be available only when the policy is in force by the payment of all the premiums due till date of the accident.

Guaranteed addition under plan 403 is @ Rs.50 per thousand sum assured for the first five policy years and bonus thereafter.


For a person aged 30 years availing the plan for a term of 20 years, preferring to pay annually for sum assured of Rs. 500,000/- for the endowment plan with profits:

For the Endowment plan with guaranteed additions, the premium for the same conditions will be Rs.22, 800/- and the benefits as above will accrue with the assurance that for the first five years the additions at the rate of Rs.25, 000/- is guaranteed and thereafter the policy participates in the profits.

  • Premium

Rs. 20,575.00

  • Upon maturity

Rs. 500,000.00 + bonuses + terminal bonus

  • Death (natural causes)

Rs. 500,000.00 + bonuses till date of death + terminal bonus (if any)

  • Death (by accident)

Rs. 1,000,000.00 + bonuses till date of death + terminal bonus (if any)

  • Total permanent disability due to accident

Rs. 4,167.00 per month for the next 10 years
All future premiums waived and policy is kept in force. Upon maturity or death Rs.500,000 + bonuses till date of maturity/death