LIC Lanka redifines insurance industry With innovative policies

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) Lanka with their mission to assist people with the option to choose the best policy to serve him or her, is one of Sri Lanka's providers of life insurance solutions in the country. Anchored by a team of experienced and dynamic professionals and a strong capital, LIC Lanka offers a wide range of tailor-made insurance products and services that are of international standards.

Today LIC Lanka is redefining the industry by diversifying and expanding at a period most competitors are contracting due to uncertain economic conditions. Driving change and excellence and venturing into new frontiers and innovations which are impacting positively on their clients, LIC believes that one of its sole purposes is that of delighting its customers and delivering value to its shareholders in the best ethical manner.

Customer satisfaction is therefore, the ethos that governs the company's operations.

With this in mind, LIC Lanka offers a range of innovative policies for their clients that include their Pure Life Term policy which has no end long as the policy owner remains alive. Any risk the person faces is covered fully by the company.

The uncertainty people face in life situations is fully taken care of.

Ashirvada is a life assurance policy from LIC that provides children with financial security for their education and marriage. The sum assured along with all vested bonuses is payable in one lump sum or in ten or twenty half yearly instalments with the then declared interest rates at the option of the life assured at the end of the term of the policy.

Even after the death of the life assured the bonus continue to accrue till the end of the term. The double accident benefit is available during the term of the policy. Loans will also be granted against the surrender value of the policy after payment of premiums for at least three years. Interest on such loans will be fixed by LIC from time to time.

To give wider choice to their customers, LIC Lanka have also launched "Jeevan Ananda" with profit assurance plan. Basically, the plan is a combination of the whole life plan and the most popular endowment assurance plan.

With aim of making dreams come true through clear cut financial planning and a systematic savings method Divyangana is a life policy exclusively for women. Women of today have excelled in every aspect of life.

Courtesy: DailyNews