Mr. Eraj Wijesinghe, a Director of LIC Lanka, is the Chairman of the Bartleet Group of Companies. During his tenure the Group diversified its activities into Financial services, Information Technology, processing of minerals and exports. Three of these are joint venture projects with foreign collaboration, one dealing with processing of minerals for export and the other two being money broking and insurance.

He has been associated with the Plantation industry for over 48 years.

Mr. Wijesinghe is the immediate past Chairman of the Colombo Stock Exchange.

At national level, Mr. Wijesinghe held the position of Honorary Vice Consul General of the Netherlands to the Republic of Sri Lanka and Maldives from 1972 to 1990. He is the past Vice President of the Asian Badminton Confederation and was a Council Member and the Chairman of the Administration Committee of the Badminton World Federation.

He has also been the President of the Sri Lanka Badminton Association and President of the Mercantile Badminton Association. He also held the position of Vice President of the National Olympic Committee. He has been President of Colombo Rowing Club and the President of the Rotary Club, Colombo Mid City. Mr. Wijesinghe was the President of the National Council of YMCA